What’s Conflicting Out Of A Divorce Case Mean?

June 14, 2023

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Divorces are never easy, and it’s not uncommon for things to go wrong in the middle of what can be a challenging process. One thing that can happen in a divorce case is “conflicting out,” when a lawyer withdraws from representing their client. There are numerous reasons why this could happen, and it’s important to understand the implications it can have on the case. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the meaning of conflicting out, why it might happen, and what it means for everyone involved.

What is conflicting out?

Conflicting out refers to the withdrawal of an attorney from a case following an arrangement between that attorney and their client. This typically happens when an attorney is no longer able to represent their client or has ethical considerations preventing them from doing so. Ultimately, the decision to conflicting out is one that the lawyer must make, and it can have significant implications for both parties in the divorce case.

Reasons for conflicting out

There are several reasons why a lawyer may opt to conflicting out of a divorce case:

Conflict of interest

It’s not unusual for lawyers to come across conflicts of interest while representing clients. For example, a lawyer may have a personal or professional connection with the other party involved in the divorce case. This conflict of interest can compromise the lawyer’s ability to remain impartial and can lead to a breakdown in trust between the lawyer and their client, leading to the need to conflicting out.

Unethical behavior

Lawyers have a duty to act ethically and abide by specific codes of conduct. When a client behaves unethically or disregards the terms agreed upon with their lawyer, it can create challenges for the lawyer in their representation of the client. For example, if a client lies to their lawyer or asks them to act unethically in some way, it can put the lawyer in a difficult position. In such cases, the attorney may have no option but to conflicting out.

Non-payment of fees

Another common reason for conflicting out is because the client fails to pay the agreed fees. If a client is consistently late with fees, or if they fail to pay altogether, the lawyer may feel that they cannot continue representing them. This is because lawyers have an obligation to themselves and their firms to get paid for their services. A repeated failure to pay can create a conflict with the client, leading to conflicting out of the case.

Client’s insistence contrary to legal advice

In some cases, a client may insist on taking a particular course of action in the case despite the lawyer’s professional judgment. This can put the lawyer in an awkward position, and they may be compelled to conflicting out of the case to avoid compromising their professional integrity. The lawyer’s primary responsibility is to provide sound legal advice to the client, and if they cannot do that for any reason, they may opt to conflicting out of the case.

Implications of conflicting out

Conflicting out can have significant implications for everyone involved in the divorce case:

The client

When a lawyer conflicting out, it creates a lot of uncertainty for the client. They may be left without legal representation at a crucial time, which can create chaos in their life. The client may also feel powerless as their lawyer backs out, which can feel like a personal rejection. In addition, clients could face additional legal fees and longer court proceedings while they’re searching for another lawyer to represent them.

The lawyer

When a lawyer conflicting out from a divorce case, it can be a challenging decision to make. Not only does the lawyer have to deal with the potential impact on their reputation, but they may also lose a client due to their decision. Furthermore, there may also be financial implications, such as the loss of income that comes with losing a client.

The case

Conflicting out can have significant implications for the case itself. The client will probably have to find another lawyer, which could lead to significant delays in the case. The new lawyer will also need to get up to speed on the case, which can further delay the proceedings. Conflicting out could also mean that the case has to start from scratch, which could be a setback in the divorce process, especially if it was irreversible.


Conflicting out of a divorce case is not a decision that lawyers take lightly. It’s a process that creates a lot of uncertainty and can be challenging for everyone involved. Often, it arises due to conflicts of interest or ethical considerations that prevent a lawyer from being able to represent their client effectively. Conflicting out can have significant implications for everyone involved in the divorce case, such as additional legal fees, delays in the proceedings or even having to start the case again from scratch.

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