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child custodyIf you’re looking for an experienced, skilled family law attorney in Miami, FL, look no further than the Law Offices of Granoff & Kessler. We have more than sixty years of combined experience and are capable of seeing your family law case through to its final resolution.

We’re capable of performing a wide range of family law services. We consistently strive to provide our clients with sound legal advice and strong representation, both in and outside of the courtroom. We provide each of our clients with a free initial consultation, where we can learn more about your case and provide you with actionable next-steps.

Here are just some of the family services our skilled attorneys and legal professionals are capable of providing:

  • Divorce law

    As experienced attorneys of family law in Miami, FL, we consistently strive to provide our clients with outstanding dissolution of marriage outcomes. We provide both legal representation and mediation and other out-of-court actions for our divorce clients.

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  • Child custody law

    We provide strong legal representation for clients who are fighting for child custody. We work with each of our clients on a one-on-one basis to establish a strong case for custody.

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  • Child Support Law

    Child-related legal matters can be devastating. Legal conflicts involving family relationships can become emotionally charged and complex. We will do everything possible to minimize stress and bring a positive resolution to your child support case.

Whether you’re attempting to reach a resolution with an ongoing divorce or you are seeking assistance in a child custody case, you can count on the Law Offices of Granoff & Kessler to fight tirelessly for your best interests.

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