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Paternity LawyerWhen a mother is married at the time of her child’s birth, her spouse is presumed to be the child’s legal father. If a mother is unmarried, however, paternity needs to be established for the father to have legal responsibilities and legal rights relating to the child in question. Both fathers and mothers can benefit from hiring a paternity attorney in Miami, Kendale Lakes, or Kendall, FL.

Working with a paternity lawyer at our law firm in Miami, FL, will help both parties establish legal paternity, and ensure that all parties involved are meeting their legal obligation for the child’s care. Pursuing a paternity case can help parents establish child custody and visitation rights, as well as child support and other benefits.

There are a number of reasons both mothers and fathers may wish to pursue a paternity case, including:

  • Paternity establishment

    Establishing paternity is legally necessary for parents to pursue court-ordered benefits, like visitation rights and child support. Courts may establish paternity using voluntary acknowledgement or legal action.

  • Child support & custody

    Once paternity is established, parents can use the court’s acknowledgement of the father’s relationship to the child to pursue child support, visitation rights and child custody.

  • Health insurance & benefits

    Establishing paternity may also entitle the child to receive the father’s health insurance coverage and a number of other potential benefits, including military or disability benefits.

We’re committed to fighting for the legal rights of all of our clients and their children. Here at the Law Offices of Granoff & Kessler, our family law attorneys strive to obtain prompt and compassionate case resolution for each of our clients.

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