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Top Signs You Need to Hire a Family Lawyer

October 21, 2021

Most people associate family law with divorce and custody agreements. However, there are many other situations where having a family lawyer can come in handy. If you’ve been wondering whether you need to hire a family lawyer, or if you can handle a situation on your own, read on. There... View Article

Can I Divorce Without a Lawyer?

September 24, 2021

Divorce can be expensive. People often wonder if they can get divorced without the help of a divorce attorney. The answer is technically yes—but depending on your marriage length and financial circumstances, it’s not recommended. If you want help protecting separate assets and ensuring your right to half of the... View Article

How to Find a Good Child Custody Attorney

August 17, 2021

When you’re no longer involved with your child’s co-parent, you’ll need to hire a child custody and paternity attorney. Whether you’re the mother or father, establishing paternity (if unmarried) and filing for custody ensures that you have a legal, fair—and most importantly, enforceable—custody agreement. If you’ve never worked with a... View Article

How to Find the Right Probate Attorney

August 17, 2021

When you’ve been named the executor of a will, you might want to hire a probate attorney. Depending on how complicated the estate administration may be, a probate lawyer can answer your questions or handle the entire process. You’re not obligated to choose the lawyer who drafted your loved one’s... View Article

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