What Are Some Ideas for Post Divorce Conflicts?

November 15, 2022

Getting the final judgment officially declaring you divorced surely brings a lot of relief, especially if the proceedings have been filled with tension. Don’t be too quick to celebrate your newfound singlehood just yet. 

Unfortunately, post-divorce conflicts happen a lot more commonly than you would like. And sometimes, it escalates to the point that it requires another trip back to family court. These conflicts may involve anything from settling alimony to modifying child custody agreements. 

When facing post-divorce issues, there are some things you can do to prevent conflict from growing unnecessarily. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider. 

Establish Clear Lines of Communication

Even though you are no longer married, it’s possible that you are still connected to your ex-spouse in different ways, such as your children or property that you still have to divide.

These require mature, civil conversations from both parties. Establishing a clear line of communication can hopefully shed light on each party’s concerns amicably and efficiently. Drawing up a parenting plan, for example, is better accomplished with both parents involved, keeping in mind the best interests of the child.

Own Up to Your Responsibilities

Many post-divorce conflicts do not simply arise as a result of the divorce, but possibly stem all the way back from the marriage. Because divorce does not necessarily resolve these marital issues that cause the dissolution of their union in the first place, it is very much possible for these problems to continue affecting the dynamics of the former couple. 

A divorce agreement, however, requires that you acknowledge and abide by your responsibilities identified by the court. Whether it’s regarding child support, alimony, or division of assets, you should know what is expected of you and adhere to what the court mandates. 

Doing so is the simplest and easiest way to avoid conflict because you’re simply following what the court wants. More importantly, intentionally going against the court order will have you being in contempt of court, which also has its corresponding penalties. 

Seek Legal Help

Your lawyer can help keep things civil between you and your ex-spouse, especially in talks regarding the specifics of the divorce. Your lawyers can address any clarifications you might have about custody or alimony.

In case of any further misunderstandings, you can also opt for immediate mediation to avoid having to go back to family court. Anything that can be settled diplomatically and amicably in a private setting should be addressed efficiently to prevent escalation. 

Ultimately, it’s not just for the couple’s peace of mind but for the children involved too. In case of modifications, the lawyers can help facilitate getting the court’s approval.

With these simple tips, you can avoid unnecessary post-divorce conflicts and get to move on with your new life.


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