Does a Midlife Crisis Lead to a Divorce?

October 17, 2022

When we meet with clients here at the Law Offices of Granoff & Kessler, we bring them information about their legal options related to matters such as divorce. We know that divorce is not an easy choice, but it might be the right choice for some people. 

Unfortunately, a midlife crisis is one of the reasons why people get divorced. One or both partners may have some midlife crisis regrets that bring them into a downward spiral in life that is hard to rebound from. Given this, we wanted to look today at some of the leading midlife crisis scenarios people face. 

Not Taking the Aging Process Well

Aging is a natural part of life, but that provides shallow comfort for some people. They look around at what they have accomplished (or failed to accomplish), and it makes them feel deeply sad about the choices that they have made. It can be troubling for them and may cause them to fall deeper into a midlife crisis. However, this is not necessary. The alternative way to look at things is to realize that there are only two real options when it comes to aging, you either age, or you don’t. It is better to still be around and still enjoy life one day at a time. 

Failure To Take Care of Emotional Needs

Humans are emotional beings just as we are physical beings. Just like we need to take care of our body to get the most out of it, we must also care for our emotional side as well. Failure to do so can lead to troubling thoughts and feelings creeping into our lives. No one wants to put themselves in that position, but it is often difficult to escape from these types of feelings once you begin to experience them. 

If you feel that you are beginning to fall down the path of a midlife crisis, you might want to look at how you can better care for your emotional needs. You need to stand back and allow yourself the space that you need to care for those needs. 

It is not going to be easy or pleasant to try to deal with your emotional needs in some cases, but you need to get a grip on them if you are ever going to put this part of your life behind you. The more you strive toward taking care of your emotional needs, the less likely you will be completely wiped out by a midlife crisis. 

Unrealistic Desires

Finally, some people end up in a situation where they are looking at a potential divorce because they have unrealistic desires from their partner. They look at this person for all their emotional, physical, and spiritual support, and they may fail to recognize that their partner is a human being. Your partner may be unable to fulfill every single need you have at all times. Recognizing that they will have shortcomings just as you do is a big part of avoiding a divorce outcome. 

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