How Do I Get My Spouse To Help Pay for Our Child After a Divorce?

May 19, 2022

A divorce can be emotionally draining and frustrating between you and your spouse, including your children. However, if it is inevitable, specific factors to consider include who will pay child support or who will take custody of the child or children.

Regardless of the type of relationship you have with your ex-partner, choosing who to pay child support is crucial for the growth of your child or children. Every child has individual needs that should be met by either one parent or both parents depending on the divorce court’s decisions.

Who Will Pay Child Support?

Child support is the financial benefits paid by a parent to provide for the child’s financial needs. Child support can be paid by a parent every week or monthly, depending on a court order or a formal mutual agreement between both parents.

According to a court of law, determining who pays child support between two parents depends on several factors. These factors include the financial capability or income of each parent, the number of children sired by both parents, educational costs, health insurance costs, pre-existing child care costs, etc.

Child care is one of the most critical factors that divorce judges consider when deciding who pays child support payments. Child care costs also involve regular babysitting or daily daycare services. 

Finally, who pays child support depends on who the custodial parent is. If you are the primary parent custodian for your child or children, you are likely to be the one to receive child support payments that will cater for your child or children’s expenses. 

However, the parent who pays child support is not entirely required to pay for all the child or children’s essential needs. The custodial parent will also pay some of the child or children’s expenses. 

Child Support Issues           

Unfortunately, you might experience some child support issues as a custodial parent along the way. Child support issues may include the noncustodial parent failing to make payments as stated in official and formal court orders. 

Also, if the child support payments are not enough to care for the child or children’s needs, you may experience some child support issues. This can be possible if your income of your ex-partner’s income is not enough or if certain circumstances have significantly changed.

If you encounter child support issues at any point, it would be best to consult the divorce or family lawyer about any other possible options. Also, if your divorce or family lawyer is quite knowledgeable about child support issues, you can have a chance to seek a re-evaluation of your situation in court. The court might make a few modifications or consider other possible solutions for your situation. It would be best to professionally talk to a divorce attorney to weigh or outweigh your options.

Are You in Need of Child Support Payments for Your Child or Children?

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