How Are Child Custody Schedules Determined?

April 19, 2022

As a parent, your child is your joy and happiness, and they mean the world to you. However, when your relationship or marriage with the other parent comes to an end, both of you have to agree on how you will look after a child. If the end of a relationship or marriage was a bitter one and you disagree, you might have to seek the court’s intervention for a solution on the child’s custody and parenting time. Here are things you should know about custody and parenting time, straight from the mouth of a professional law firm in Miami, FL.

What Is Custody?

Custody is legal jargon that refers to the right of a parent or guardian to make decisions concerning the care and welfare of a child. These can be decisions like the child’s healthcare, education¬†and religious training. The parent who gets custody of the child is known as the custodial parent. The custodial parent also stays with the child most of the time. You should know that the court doesn’t favor one parent over the other to be the custodial parent but prioritizes the child’s welfare.

What Is Parenting Time?

Parent time is the legal jargon that refers to the opportunity of a parent who doesn’t have sole legal custody and is not in joint legal custody or joint physical custody arrangement to spend time with their child. The court usually believes that it’s in the child’s best interest to have access to both parents unless proven otherwise.

When Should I Seek Legal Representation for Child Custody?

If you, together with the other parent, can come up with a co-parenting agreement by yourselves and make it work long-term without having to involve any third parties, good for you; you don’t need a lawyer. However, the reality is that most separations are a messy affair, and the parents find it challenging to agree on anything. If you are in this situation, you should ask the other parent to come with their lawyer while you bring your lawyer as mediators. Seeking legal representation at this stage could save both of you from going to court to settle your child custody disagreements. However, if the mediation at this stage fails, you will end up in court, where your lawyer will be the one representing you.

What Child Custody Options Exist?

Firstly, there is sole custody, where one parent gets custody of the child and all the major decision-making responsibilities. There is joint custody, which is divided into joint legal custody and joint physical custody. In the former, both parents agree to share primary decision-making responsibility, although the child doesn’t have to live with each of them for an equal amount of time. In the latter, physical access to the child is shared equally between the parents.

Do You Need Child Custody Legal Representation in Miami, Florida?

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