Top Signs You Need to Hire a Family Lawyer

October 21, 2021

Most people associate family law with divorce and custody agreements. However, there are many other situations where having a family lawyer can come in handy. If you’ve been wondering whether you need to hire a family lawyer, or if you can handle a situation on your own, read on. There are some situations and warning signs that can indicate it’s time to work with a law firm.

When do you need a family lawyer?

Here’s a closer look at the types of circumstances in which you might benefit from hiring a family law attorney:

  • You’re getting married: Marriage can be complicated, especially if you’ve been married before. Meeting with a family law attorney will help you understand the legal implications of your union. If you need a prenuptial agreement, your family lawyer can create one that protects rights and assets. This is especially important if you’ve been married before, and want to protect assets for children from the previous marriage.
  • You’re getting divorced: Divorce is another common reason you might need a family lawyer. The longer you’ve been married and the more assets you’ve acquired, the more important it is that you work with an experienced attorney. They can help you protect your interests, whether that means asking for spousal support, protecting your premarital assets or making sure you get a fair share of the marital property. It’s especially wise when your divorce is full of conflict, or your spouse has been abusive. This allows you to communicate through lawyers, rather than subjecting yourself to heated arguments or physical, emotional and mental danger.
  • You’d like to create or update an estate plan: Family lawyers often help with estate planning. Estate planning can include anything from writing a will and setting up trusts, to designating powers of attorney, writing advance care directives and planning your own funeral arrangements. It might not be fun to think about, but it’s crucial to ensure your wishes are carried out appropriately.
  • You’re adopting children: Planning to adopt a child? This can be a complicated and lengthy legal process. A good family lawyer will be happy to help you navigate adoption, whether you’re fostering to adopt, adopting from an agency or going through a private adoption.
  • You can’t agree on custody: Whether you were never married to your child’s other parent, you’re getting divorced or you need to modify an existing custody agreement, it’s best to let your family law attorney handle your custody matters. Not only are they adept at presenting a compelling case, but communicating through lawyers is often best when a situation is particularly emotional.
  • The other parties have lawyers: Finally, if you’re in a conflict and the other parties have attorneys, it’s best if you lawyer up, too. Even though you can theoretically represent yourself in family law matters, you will be at a significant disadvantage. When the outcome of the case is important to you, you owe it to yourself to hire a lawyer.Working with a family law lawyer is the smart way to ensure your interests are well represented. The Law Offices of Granoff & Kessler is happy to help you navigate your family law matters. Contact us today to get started.

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