How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced in Florida?

December 3, 2020

Even if everything is amicable, getting divorced is no fun. It’s a legally and emotionally turbulent period for anyone. In fact, more than one study has indicated that a divorce can be the most stressful time in a person’s life. That prolonged stress can make this already tumultuous period all the more traumatic. So, it’s only natural for anyone who’s about to go through a divorce to be curious about the average length of a divorce in Florida.

Unfortunately, it will all depend on your circumstances.

Determining fault

The first step in filing for the dissolution of marriage is to establish fault. Fortunately, Florida is a no-fault state. Where some states might require evidence as to the reasons that people are getting divorced (infidelity, abuse, criminal activity, etc.), Florida does not require the person filing for divorce to list the specific reason the marriage is ending. If you insist on listing fault, it could add some time to your proceedings.

Dividing the assets

The real factor that determines the length of a divorce in Florida is whether or not it’s contested. When a divorcing couple agrees on the best way to divide their assets and determine custody of pets or children, it’s referred to as an uncontested divorce. Those divorces tend to last around three months on average.

It should be worth noting that a genuinely uncontested divorce is a rare thing. When two people determine that the best way forward isn’t together, there are often considerable negative emotions powering that decision. As a result, the most common type of divorce is a contested divorce.

When you’re battling over things like the custody of your children or pets and who gets critical pieces of property like your home and cars, things can get contentious and time-consuming. In the case of a contested divorce, when a trial is required to suss out the complaints, the proceedings can stretch out. In these instances, a divorce can take as long as a year.

Simplified dissolution

If you’re anxious to get through your divorce as quickly as possible, you can file for a simplified dissolution. To qualify, you’ll need to meet specific requirements:

  • No children in the marriage under 18
  • One or both members of the couple have lived in Florida for at least six months
  • The divorce isn’t contested, and neither member of the couple requests financial support

In these rare cases, a simplified dissolution can shave off a considerable chunk of time from divorce proceedings.

Get expert legal help

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