The Benefits of Mediation for Your Divorce

July 23, 2019

Mediation is a type of conflict resolution process in which a third-party mediator guides each party to the divorce through the various issues facing them. The mediator also assists with better communication so the two sides can clear up any existing misunderstandings and come to agreements they might not otherwise have been able to.

What are the benefits of this process over standard divorce litigation? Here are just a few examples from a divorce lawyer in Miami, FL:

  • Speed: Mediation will only take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, though it can last longer in cases involving more complex or valuable assets. Lawsuits, however, will take months, and often feel as though they’re creeping along with little or no progress being made. This is because the courts in general move very slowly.
  • Savings: You stand to save a lot of money by going through mediation instead of a typical lawsuit. This is because the services of a mediator cost significantly less than what it would cost to employ a lawyer for an entire trial. The fact that the process gets completed much more quickly means you don’t have as many fees you’ll need to worry about.
  • Privacy: As soon as your case goes to court, it suddenly becomes much more public. Mediation is confidential—you don’t have to worry about any transcripts or records of any kind related to your case being publicized, and any evidence you bring forth during mediation cannot be used or revealed in other circumstances.
  • Greater control: Mediation gives you much more control over the results of your divorce compared to standard litigation, because all parties have a say in the outcome. You’re not leaving the decisions up to a judge. As part of this, the entire process is also a bit less formal than what you’d experience in a courtroom setting. There aren’t as many rules and procedures you have to follow in mediation compared to a courtroom divorce.
  • Preserve relationships: Though you may be divorcing your spouse, you’ll likely still need to maintain at least some level of relationship with them after the divorce is finalized, especially if you have children together. This relationship is so much easier to navigate if you are at least capable of communicating and being cordial with each other. Mediation is a setting that allows you to practice that communication, in an environment that is nowhere near as contentious or prone to confrontation as a courtroom.
  • Better overall results: Because you’re both able to advocate for your interests and needs, and just by the inherent aspect of the settlement being something you mutually agree upon, you’re much more likely to get favorable results in mediation than in a decision made by a judge. Because the results come faster and are more favorable, it’s also more likely that your spouse will comply with the divorce agreement.

For more information about why mediation is such a favorable option for most people going through a divorce, contact an experienced divorce attorney in Miami, FL at the Law Offices of Granoff & Kessler today.

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