Is it Worth it to investigate Your Spouse When You’re Working with a Divorce Law Firm in Miami, FL

July 1, 2019

During a divorce, it’s common for the relationship between spouses to become contentious. In many cases, spouses try to keep tabs on each other to uncover the truth about issues like infidelity or hidden assets.

While the impulse to investigate your spouse is not uncommon during a divorce, it is important to consider all of the legal implications of this behavior before you do anything to spy on your spouse. Working with a divorce law firm in Miami, FL can help you get the info you need without getting yourself into trouble.

Spousal investigating and divorce

When a relationship begins to fall apart, there are many different methods and tactics that the people involved might use to cope. When a couple decides to pursue a divorce, it’s common for one or both partners to spy or investigate their spouse in response to some of the complicated issues that they are dealing with.

People investigate their spouses for a lot of different reasons, but one of the main reasons why a person takes this action is to gather evidence for their case. Unfortunately, the effort that a person invests in spying on their spouse seldom pays off.

No matter what a person uncovers in their search, information that’s obtained through investigation or spying typically has no bearing on a divorce case. In Florida, infidelity is typically not relevant to divorce cases, unless a partner is spending marital assets on the affair or they are behaving in a way that’s detrimental to the wellbeing of their children.

If you’re suspicious that your spouse is hiding assets from you during a divorce, investigation is probably not the best way to find out information. Encryption software, email passwords and other security measures make it extremely difficult to gather financial information about your spouse, especially if it is information that they are trying to conceal. In addition, violating the privacy of your spouse can lead you into some dangerous legal territory.

How to get the information you need

Instead of trying to do your own search for information that might not even help your case to begin with, it’s important to seek help from a divorce law firm in Miami, FL. A divorce attorney can give you the advice and guidance that you need to navigate the divorce process without violating your spouse’s privacy.

They will also be able to assist you with the proper legal procedures if you are concerned that your spouse is hiding assets. Working with a professional is essential if you want your case to progress smoothly.

Work with a divorce law firm in Miami, FL

Getting a divorce is difficult, and there are a lot of issues that can arise during the process. To ensure that you have the most straightforward experience possible, reach out to the professionals.

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