How Do Affairs Affect Divorce Law in Miami, FL

June 14, 2019

Relationships are complicated, and when it comes to divorce law in Miami, FL, every complex
element of a relationship between two people comes to the surface and contributes to the
challenge of the divorce process.

One of the most common issues that comes up during a divorce is the occurrence of extramaritalaffairs. Not only do affairs make relationships more complicated, they can also affect the divorce
process. Read on to find out more about how affairs have an impact on divorce law.

Affairs and divorce in Florida

The law around affairs and divorce varies from state to state, but Florida has had a no-fault
divorce system since 1971. In a no-fault divorce state, the parties involved are under no
obligation to prove wrongdoing from either side to petition for a divorce. In other words,
infidelity within a marriage seldom has any impact on divorce proceedings. However, while
infidelity is not grounds for a divorce in Florida, there are some cases in which an affair can
impact the outcome of the divorce process.

If a divorce case goes before a trial court, it’s possible that infidelity will affect the court’s
decision on alimony and the distribution of marital assets. A court might consider infidelity
during divorce proceedings and issue a decision that’s less favorable to the spouse who had an
affair. For this kind of decision, it’s usually necessary for a spouse to provide compelling
evidence of their partner’s infidelity to prove that an affair took place.

An affair can also impact a divorce in Florida if a spouse used marital assets in order to pursue or
sustain an affair. If a spouse paid for things like dates, vacations or gifts as part of an extramarital
affair, they can be used against that spouse in a divorce. The use of marital assets in an affair can
be used by the court as grounds to deny alimony.

An affair can also be a factor in a divorce decision if the spouse who had the affair was open
with their infidelity in front of their children. This kind of inappropriate behavior on the part of a
spouse who is having an affair can affect a court’s decision about child custody.

Get help with divorce law in Miami, FL

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